Faddy is always fresh, smiling, slightly crazed, sometimes angry, often fuzzy, and can also be very funny. You can write with him in multiple languages. Faddy contains 3 different styles - Regular, Circle & Shaggy. Each style includes more than 500 glyphs, as well as the necessary open type features: Superscript, Subscript, Tabular Figures, Arrows, Matching currency symbols, and fractions. He also has a lot of fun stylistic sets, variants of letters that can give him a different mood and look.

Faddy is available to buy on:

* Fontspring ☛ https://bit.ly/3g0a8qm
* Myfonts ☛ https://bit.ly/3ADSgtb
* Rentafont ☛ https://bit.ly/3xHOXPX
* YWFT ☛ https://bit.ly/3xJ1T8j

3 styles
Single style: $25
Complete family: $50