Gezart is a modern sans serif with geometric touch in 32 weights - 16 uprights and its matching italics. The weights are ranging from Hair to Heavy, with one of them (Extra Thin) is for free of charge. Each weight of Gezart contains more than 700 glyphs. The family is equipped for complex, professional typography with Open Type Features including — small caps, localized forms, old-style figures, standard ligatures, subscripts, superscripts, numerators, denominators, numbers in circles arrows, currency symbols and fractions. The Gezart font family is ideally suited for branding & layout design, posters, body text, web, editorial design, and more.

Gezart is available to buy on:

* Fontspring ☛
* Myfonts ☛
* Rentafont ☛
* YWFT ☛

32 styles 1 style for free
Single style: $30
Complete family: $230